About the Author:

I am an artist and a craftsman, an old soul, an accidental gypsy, a writer,  a warrior, a father and a friend, wandering the dirt roads and back-waters of eternity. A devoted disciple of life, love and all things true. My greatest joy is the search for knowledge, which as Frederick Douglass so succinctly put it “makes a man unfit to be a slave”.

To learn, build, create, make, think and do, that is the good stuff. To live, learn, love and be is at the core of our most basic desires. To be safe from harm, free of want, fear and ignorance are the needs our souls cry out for, but to truly have any of that, one must first be free….

For as long as there has been history to write, humanity has yet to live in a world that was free.  At isolated times and places the light of freedom has burned brightly for a moment, only to expire and fade from memory.  Every soul on this planet, should, could and someday will be Free, but first they must be awakened to see the bars that cage them, lose the illusions that bind them and stop feeding the beasts of tyranny that prey on them.

The few control the many only because the many have been mesmerized and conditioned by fear, governance by greedy rulers not honest leaders, prejudice, religion, education , division, the media, debt bondage and the love of money and things, to the point that we allow them this power they have no right to, through apathy, inaction and surrender.  Many cannot even imagine living in a world different than what they know, and well they should, for in the moment that they do, it shall begin to be.

I have….

What about you?