Love Truth

By: Bradley Loves

You know…, I’ve spent a lot of time writing about the criminal nature of the Illuminati…, and those connected with Secret Societies.

Of course.., “they” would argue with me on this issue by claiming that they are not really criminals at all…, but instead claim that it is only “natural” that the “smartest” of the species take ALL of the spoils.

The fact is that they don’t see what they do as “crime” per se…, but instead look at what they do as a a form of  “clawing back” the natural benefits and outcomes of their BUSINESS and COMMERCIAL  global scam.

This is a “system” that they created…, and you unfortunately entered into it freely, without knowing what it was!  And so therefore…, since you really don’t “know” what their courts, laws, and statuates really are, or what they are meant to do…, you are being “taken”…

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