Love Truth

By: Bradley Loves

The only real problem we are facing in this world is the failure to tell the TRUTH!

Bradley Loves

Human beings are convinced that telling lies is an “important” part of life.

They have been conned into thinking that deciet is a very necessary “evil” and what is more…, DOES NOT HURT ANYONE.

Nothing could be further from the TRUTH.

Lies and Deciet are 100 percent POISON to the natural system that our minds and bodies operate in.

Deception is the “anti-life” vibration in frequency terms.

The very moment that a “lie” is sent forth…, it seeks to destroy everything good and healthy in it’s path!  On an unseen level…, it is like spewing out acid onto everything  it touches!

Now…, most people do NOT SEE…, or can NOT SEE…, the truth of this.  Even the “New Ager’s” have APOLOGIZED over and over and over again for…

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