The Sting II

I have my own personal tale from the dark side, regarding Okanogan County, and the loss of my illusions regarding the so called Criminal “Justice” System. I am in fact just beginning to recover from that nightmare experience and shall write about it eventually here when the day comes that I am not so deeply traumatized by intimate recall of the incredible details. For now here is another account of injustice writ large in a County where such is commonplace business as usual.

The Faire Fight Foundation

Facts Behind the Curtain – James Faire’s False Prosecution

“A young con man seeking revenge for the death of his partner teams up with a master of the big con to secure a fortune” — IMDB Plot synopsis to ‘The Sting’

By Doug Parris
Investigative Reporter

The Tale

Okanogan County, Washington – On June 19, 2015, Okanogan Sheriff Frank Rogers held a press conference to announce he had detained “squatters” who, after being confronted by the owner of a property in Tonasket, Washington, had intentionally run over a woman twice. That tale went viral in the drive-by media incriminating James and Angela Faire as a public relations exercise; in Okanogan, all over Washington, in newspapers and TV, and nationally via the Southern Poverty Law Center (Marxist-Leninist).

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1 thought on “The Sting II”

  1. Counties such as this one need to be investigated by an outside agency. Same as the one we currently reside in. Too many people are railroaded by people who have allowed power to go to their head and think they are above the law. There will be injustice for anyone who crosses the paths of those who lost sight of true justice.

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