Visions in Stone

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the beauty of the natural world.   As a young boy I was bitten by the rock hound bug and have been infected ever since.   Rocks, pebbles and stones were particularly special to me because on the family farm of my youth they simply did not exist.  I dug many a hole and ditch growing up on our square mile of deep volcanic soil and on the rarest of occasions might find a piece of “Colleche”, which I would lovingly hoard in my precious pile, intending to build some grand thing, a castle perhaps, when the pile was large enough.  Alas all that I managed for my considerable efforts was a low stone wall that curved around a Ponderosa Pine tree at the end of our road.  The fascination with rocks became something of an obsession to my young self and wherever I went that rocks were found, my pockets would bulge with them on return.  I kept them in boxes, cans, old socks,  in glass jars and buckets, my dresser drawers and in piles outside.  The obvious fact that I had rocks on the brain was a great source of amusement and even a bit of concern to the members of my family.  The prediction that I would someday grow out of my enchantment could not have been more wrong.  It endures and thrives until today as one of my life’s fond passions.

This passion currently finds expression in my ongoing efforts to craft enduring works of art from pebbles, rocks and stone.   Unique pebble and stone mosaics are at the core of what I am creating and will be sharing here in this section of my blog.  After admiring and studying the works of other artists for some time, particularly the methods and techniques that I could glean from public sources, I arrived at various methods of my own which I have been refining and improving along the way.  In these and future pages I will document and share them along with a gallery of completed works.  Many will be offered for sale or at auction, the details of which, when decided will be posted on my site.  Until then I hope that you enjoy your visit and share the link with your family and friends.  Take a moment to enjoy and appreciate the lasting beauty of minerals born deep inside our planetary home, and come back again, there will be more.


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